Given the rural nature of the site and the economics of construction, it was appropriate to design for permeable ground surfaces.  Bituminous concrete was used at the entry to the 700’ driveway to meet city driveway cut requirements and to permanently stabilize surfaces for vehicular traffic flow and snow removal requirements.  Portland cement concrete was used to stabilize the ground surfaces on the circular courtyard connecting the two garages and the front entry into the home.  This treatment was chosen to again stabilize traffic and facilitate snow removal, but also to eliminate debris and stone dust that would otherwise come into the home.  A carefully constructed drainage system was designed to cut off and control upland surface and groundwater drainage patterns to avoid adding water to the concrete hardscape area.  Additionally, a well-crafted gravity flow design was implemented to channel all the hardscape flow to a Shea (precast) Concrete collection trough, which then transports the water underground to a stone recharge area to the rear of the home. 

All of the roof lines on all of the structures incorporate a water collection and drain collection system that discharges rainwater to a stone recharge area to the rear of the home.  That system also includes the detached garage.  Only one small roof area of the 3-season room discharges its drainpipe onto the crushed stone surface.  Not only does the system serve to control and eliminate the maintenance associated with splashing drip lines and surface flows, it assured us that historic rainfall and snow runoff patterns would continue to recharge the lower level pocket wetland areas.  All landscaping, selected and placed to enhance the beauty of the property, also serves to maintain permanent erosion control.  Native and drought tolerant species were selected.  Although rough-ins were constructed for possible irrigation systems, none have been installed to date and won’t be unless proven to be needed.

Low-flow plumbing fixtures were installed throughout the home.  An on-demand Seisco SH-14 tankless hot water “peaking” unit serves to supplement the solar hot water storage tank when needed.  All appliances are energy star rated.

Water Images